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How to Have a Good Morning

I am not a morning person.

In fact, I hate mornings with a passion. If you were to wake me up because there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d snore at your face and die because a zombie attacked me because I refused to get out of bed. That is how much I hate mornings.

But how do I survive every morning when I have class at 7 am? Ha, joke’s on you; I don’t survive. I just stare into the abyss, everything people saying to me comes and goes into one ear and out the other, until I wake up fully at a reasonable hour (around lunchtime).

This is not a correct way to live.

Fortunately, I have failed at being a human being during mornings enough times to be able to give you tips.

  •  Ready your things the night before. 

Don’t you hate it when you wake up and find that your stuff is all over the place? And so you’re forced to rush and grab everything and stuff them in your bag, what a hassle.

(And then later during the day, you find out that you forgot your wallet.)

  • Set multiple alarms.

I once missed two classes in a row, not because I forgot to set my alarms, but because I hit the snooze button in all five of my alarms.

It all worked out in the end, don’t worry, and I now have seven alarms this time. 

  • Coffee!

I don’t run on blood; I run on caffeine. Coffee rushes through my bloodstream.

If you’re not too keen on coffee, maybe tea will do? If that’s still not enough, try lemonade. If that’s still not enough, feed on the blood of your enemies.

(Just kidding. I don’t encourage homicidal tendencies. If you’re a vampire, cool, I won’t judge).

  • If possible, take a cold shower. 

…or maybe just splash cold water on your face, if it’s too overwhelming.

You probably already know that cold water increases alertness and stimulates circulation via the closing of your pores. Cold showers first thing in the morning is such a horrifying thought, but there are a bunch of benefits to them!

See here:

  • ~Breakfast~

Sometimes, I wake up not for the sake of starting the day, but to eat breakfast.

Breakfast should be whatever you prefer, be it pancakes or bacon and eggs, or toasted bread. Just be sure to get a healthy and well-balanced meal to trick yourself into thinking you’re finally starting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Give yourself time to adjust to a new day.

You can’t avoid waking up on some days and just feeling off. Maybe you studied too hard last night, maybe you had a bad dream. Regardless, you just don’t feel like starting the new day.

If that’s the case, then just give yourself time to adjust. Maybe listen to music, surround yourself with people you genuinely enjoy being with. Whatever the case, don’t pressure yourself. Ease yourself.

So. These are just my thoughts. What are your ways on having a good morning?



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